MUSE – Live at the Emirates Stadium

Hey lovelies,
If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will have seen a LOT of excitable posts from me as on Sunday after over 100 days of waiting (yes I had an app on my phone counting down!) I went to finally see MUSE!
Now, just to fill you in I’ve been a Muse fan a LONG time. I loved them when Showbiz came out in 1999, and my ultimate favourite album was ‘Origins of Symmetry’, this came out in 2001 when I was just finishing school. It just reminds me of that time in my life, I listened to the upbeat songs when I was happy, the more melodramatic  rocky tunes when I was down. A friend of mine bought me the piano chord book and I remember taking it to my piano lessons and learning the piano parts to tracks like ‘New Born’. The thing I regret the most is never getting to see them. I’m not sure why I guess I just didn’t get the opportunity growing up, I didn’t really see many bands.
Anyway…! Only 14 years later the time had come, Muse were playing at the Emirates in London and we just had to be there. Accompanied by V-man and our good friends Michelle and Adam we went up to London, nice and early to get plenty of time to get a good place in the queue. After a mooch around convent garden and amazing Mexican food in Wahaca (review coming soon!) we headed over to the stadium where just a few fans had started to congregate so I knew we would be getting close to the stage.
About 2 hours later after chilling in the sun, surrounded by fans playing their tunes on their phones and the distant hum of the band sound checking in the stadium the atmosphere was just buzzing. The gates were about to open and we were crushed by a sea of fans behind us. The gates finally opened and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, people raced in and ran as fast as their legs would carry them to the stadium. Me and V-man sprinted down the corridor until we turned and saw we were in luck, there were spaces RIGHT at the front. Against the instruction of the steward who shouted ‘DO NOT RUN’ at me I just speeded past him as fast as I could and claimed my space.
The first band on were ‘The 1975’. I hadn’t heard much of their stuff but I was in love! A blend of indie-rock mixed with pop-funk, seriously catchy. I loved their song Chocolate and have since listened to it non-stop. Reminds me of a blend of Placebo & U2.
Next up was Dizzee Rascal. I’m not usually a fan of his, but he knows how to get the crowd going and I found myself dancing around like a nutter to his tunes screaming ‘I’m a baseline junkieeeee’… well, when in Rome! It was a slightly odd support act for a rock band but if I’m honest I secretly enjoyed it.
After an agonising 30 minute wait, Muse were on their way, and they made a massive entrance launching straight into ‘Supremacy’ with a giant fireball bursting out from the stage, so hot I felt my face flush, and before I knew it I had burst into tears. I know, emotional train wreck but 14 years of listening to their music and I was there, and in the FRONT row. It was just one of those moments, I couldn’t believe my luck.
Pictures don’t really justify the utter electric atmosphere in the stadium that night, but here are a few of my photos from the night…
The best moment of all, bit of a blurry shot, the crowd was going wild behind me and I was crushed against the rail but this is Matt Bellamy singing next to the audience in the front row right by me. He then ran past and touched our hands as he passed…… AMAZING. Cue never washing my right hand, EVER again. The rest of the band then followed and did the same, I managed to hi-five them all, unreal.
Words and pictures can’t really describe the atmosphere, so here are a couple of my videos:
Pure Amazingness
The moment Matt runs past us, the girl you can hear is the lovely lady from Belgium next to me who had travelled over to see them two nights in a row, hardcore!
I danced, moshed, screamed, shouted, sung along and thoroughly had an amazing time. The following morning I woke up with bruises on my ribs being squashed against the rail and felt I’d been beaten black and blue but it was SO WORTH IT. Muse are amazing live and I would go again in a second.
Are you a Muse fan? Have you been to see one of your all-time favourite bands??

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