Teapigs: Summery Iced Tea

As a huge tea-drinker I was excited to see one of my favourite tea brands, Teapigs were looking for bloggers to help out and experiment with making summery iced teas. I jumped straight on the bandwagon and within a couple of days a huge package of teabags arrived for me to get started.

Thanks Teapigs! Yum.. 🙂 

I normally drink about 3-4 cups of tea a day, although mix it up with herbal teas, green tea and chai tea, so I love to try new flavours. I had never made iced tea at home so was eager to give it a go. Teapigs did send me through some recipe suggestions, however one of the recipes below is my own creation as you know me, I never usually stick to the rules! Here are a couple of Summery Iced Tea Recipes for you to try, in my opinion, they both taste amazing! 🙂

how to make: 

♡ Add one tea-temple per person into a jug or glass
♡ Cover with hot water
♡Leave to brew for 3 minutes
 ♡ Top with cold water and ice
♡ Sweeten if you fancy with honey or elderflower cordial
♡ Garnish with fresh fruit for prettiness

Tea brewing

The finished article! 

On the left hand side here I have created a blend of Mao Feng Green Tea, topped with ice, lemon and cucumber, which is super cleansing and refreshing. 
On the right I have combined Super Fruit tea with White Grape and Elderflower Sprizter, fresh fruit and topped with ice. This one was lovely, sweet fruity with a little bit of sparkle. Perfect summer drink. 
 I will definitely be making more of these two over the summer, at only 3 calories a glass they are perfect, and still have lots of different recipes to try! 
Have you tried making iced tea at home? Leave me a comment if you try any of these recipes! 

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