Frazzled Friday: Make time for yourself

Happy Friday everyone! 
I’ve had a looooong week. I feel like I haven’t stopped for two seconds. I feel tired and frazzled, and have been reaching for the junk food – not good! Just recently I have been really bad at making time for myself. I never sit down for long and when I do I am always busy, working, checking my emails, blogging or studying. I also make sure my home is super clean and tidy, and put pressure on myself if anything in my life is not in perfect order. All this stressing and quite often I’ve forgotten to look after the most important thing, myself. 
So, with this in mind, I have done a bit of thinking about things to do just for me this weekend. I wanted to share this to remind you to do something for yourself today too. Something indulgent, relaxing, creative or satisfying. Whatever takes your fancy! Simply, do something just for you.
Here are a couple of my favourite things to do to chill out:
♡ Have a relaxing bath – the picture above is my happy place, my lovely corner bath with a good book on my kindle, a cup of tea,  a scented candle and some gorgeous beauty and pampering products
♡ Go for a walk – I am lucky enough to live a short stroll away from a lovely park and the seafront. I love nothing more than a long walk along the promenade as the sun sets. Maybe an ice cream on the way and some good company. 
♡ Be creative! – As you know I love to knit and crochet. I find being creative and making pretty things  both relaxing and so satisfying. 
♡ Exercise – I recently discovered another gym class to fall in love with, Body Balance. A mix of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. I came away from this class feeling so centered and calm, I would highly recommend. 
♡ Good company – spend some alone time with someone special in your life, a friend who makes you laugh, a shoulder to cry on or someone to just have a good chat. No distractions, no iPhones, cameras or social networks. It’s too easy to be distracted these days. 
♡ Just breathe – if time is a bit limited, just taking two minutes to just take some deep breaths and some fresh air can massively help clear my mind when I feel frazzled.

♡ Look through old photographs – One of my favourite things to do. Reminisce over good times and laughter. 

Have an amazing, relaxing weekend everyone!

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