Motivational Monday #2

This is a favourite quote of mine, and something I will always say to myself if I’m faced with a difficult situation. It is so easy to make a bigger deal out of something than necessary and spend so many hours worrying and feeling frustrated, which can really easily be avoided. If I think back to my life a year ago, my situation was completely different. I had a different job that I hated and was living in between two houses and feeling quite lost as a person in what I wanted from life. Now a year down the line so much has changed, I’ve found a better job, I moved in with V-man and the rest has sort of panned out from there. If only I could have told myself a year ago that everything would work out for the best! All that time I had spent worrying about the smaller things, like a disagreement at work, an argument or mistakes made, I could have saved so much time and effort, plus my sanity! I don’t even remember those things now. So when I saw this quote from one of my favourite inspirational books ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson, I decided to live by this quote. So now when I’m faced with a situation, I simply ask myself “Will this matter a year from now?” and the answer is nearly always “no, probably not.”

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