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Hey Peaches, 
YAY! The weekend has officially arrived. I get lots of messages on Instagram & Twitter about my crocheting, so I thought I would share with you today a little ’round-up’, including my new Crochet Storage Box, where I find my inspiration and my latest projects. I am planning to write a few more tutorials, so what this space! 🙂
Firstly, meet Annabelle Trunk, my new crochet/crafting storage box. I had annoyed V-man by leaving balls of wool, knitting needles, hooks and patterns all over our flat, so treated myself to this beauty to keep it all in one place. I love the gorgeous Cath Kidston style floral design and it’s big enough to fit everything in and more. I picked this up from Dunelm Mill for £24.99, and if you are wondering about the name, that is actually what they are called in store, cute! 
I am addicted to buying cute and bright coloured wool, it’s my new obsession. 
My next mission is to make a cute crochet case for all my hooks, scissors, yarn needles etc.
Images courtesy of Pinterest

So this is my latest project, an iPhone case. I am actually really proud of how it turned out, it wasn’t my first go admittedly. I made one that had an awful seam running down the back that looked so wonky. I then found a pattern that involved making a continuous crochet spiral tube, this worked out much better, no ugly joins. I can post a pattern for this is anyone is interested? 🙂 
Lastly, I get a lot of questions about where I find my inspiration. The answer is a lot of places, I am always on the look out for cute, unique projects to make. Firstly I look in the hub of all things inspirational, Pinterest. There is so much on there, but it’s frustrating when I find a cute picture of something that isn’t linked back correctly to the pattern.

I then like to look on Instagram under the hashtag #crochet #yarnaddict or #amigurumi.

If you are wondering what Amigurumi is, it’s the Japanese art of knitting/crocheting small stuffed animals. This is my next mission to learn, there are some SUPER CUTE patterns out there, like this one:

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

My favourite crochet blogs are:

All about Ami
– If you want to learn about Amigurumi, or just look at some really, really cute pictures this blog is for you. I love everything on here and want to make it ALL!

Attic 24
– This blog has SO many crochet patterns and is featured everywhere, so talented and creative.

One Sheepish Girl
– This is such a cute blog, such inspirational pictures and ideas.

Other Inspiration…

My Mum has also leant me her crafting magazines, they are from the 70’s and each one used to cost her 35p! These retro designs still haven’t gone out of fashion. (Well, maybe the headband has!) But there are some great ideas here.

Lastly, a more modern magazine. I love Lets Get Crafting: Knitting & Crochet.

This is June’s edition (out today – 21st June 2013) with some lovely freebie yarns, thinking of making myself a foxy cushion. If you missed it I was featured in this magazine last month, you can read about this here.

So thats my little crochet ’round-up’ for you. Please leave me comments with your current projects, inspiration and storage ideas, I would love to see! 🙂

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