Saturday Work-Out Club #5: Boost Juices

Hey lovelies, 
Fitness and wellbeing isn’t all about the gym but about nutrition too, so I wanted to share with you this amazing little juice bar that has opened in Brighton which is just perfect if you are a gym bunny like me, or if you just love a good fruit smoothie! 
Introducing Boost Juice bar in Churchill Square!! 🙂 
Their menu offers a delicious low-fat smoothies, super smoothies, ‘hotties’ (their hot drink selection, don’t get too excited!), skinny smoothies and fruit crushes. Phew, there is a LOT to choose from. 
To top this lot off they also offer Boosters, which are supplements to add a bit of zing to your choice of drink. They offer energiser PLUS, protein PLUS, detox or immunity. My favourite is detox which is a blend of chlorella, barleygrass, sprouted flaxseeds, inulin, aloe Vera, artichoke, grapeseed and purplecorn. However I am eager to try each of their Booster range as I love a bit of an extra kick. 
All of their drinks are made from fresh ingredients right, using the blenders right before your very eyes. 
Boost are an Australian chain that are making a big impact now on the UK market, don’t worry if you are not in Brighton they are popping up new Juice bars all over. 
I’ve been lucky enough to taste a few of their range now, so here are my recommendations… 

If you missed Breakfast…
Breakie to Go Go – banana, wheat free muesli, honey, no fat milk (or soy), TD4 vanilla yogurt & ice 
+ an energister PLUS booster

Feeling fruity…
Mango Tango Crush – mango, passionfruit, mango nectar, tropical juice, sorbet and ice
On your way home from the gym… 
Gym Junkie – strawberries, banana, no fat milk (or soy) TD4 vanilla yogurt & ice 
+ a protein PLUS booster
When it’s chilly outside…
Chai Latte – low fat blend of exotic spices and no fat milk, which is 99% caffeine free 
Our day on Brighton beach included one Mango Tango Crush and a Berry Crush, yum! 

If you are in Brighton pop by and check them out! 

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