Whats in my handbag?

Hey lovelies!
YAY it’s the weekend and it’s sunny & warm, finally! I’ve had a lovely afternoon at the park soaking up the sunshine. I had to take my study books with me as I have an essay due in, however if the sun is shining, I am happy. 
So today, I am blogging about the contents of my handbag. The lovely people at Moneysupermarket.com are currently running a competition to win an amazing Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder Bag, a Mulberry continental purse and a Mulberry Phone Cover, all adding up to over £1000 (WOW!).  There are also six £25 ASOS vouchers up for grabs for runners up, so I just had to be a part of it. Also, who doesn’t love a nosey into someone elses bag? It’s a bit of a hidden subject so I’ve found it quite interesting reading other bloggers posts and seeing some of the interesting things they carry around! Two of my favourites being Carrie @ Carrie:Brighton for her sugar/ketchup satchets, and Laura @ Chambray & Curls for her emergency plastic fork. Very resourceful girls! 
The idea of this post is to add up the value of our handbags to ensure we have adequate insurance to protect one of our most personal things, our handbags. I don’t know what I would do if mine was lost/stolen so this is a really great idea as it’s a wake up call as to how important these items really are.
The chaos of my bag
I usually carry around a load of scrunched up receipts too but you don’t need to see that, so posting this gave me a chance to give my bag a little clear up to! 🙂 
Firstly my handbag is from Primark, a real bargain at £10.00 and my purse is also Primark at £5.00. I would love a luxury designer handbag one day but for now I like to change styles quite frequently so tend to pick up a bargain, then change it after a couple of months to keep things fresh. 
Inside my bag I carry around a basic make-up bag of essentials, OPI cuticle oil, the body shop Japanese cherry blossom fragrance mist, my sunnies, Balm Balm rose lip balm, a sample of Skin Food by Weleda, my keys and finally my asthma inhaler. 
I also carry around my iPhone 4S, however it is not pictured here as I used it to take these pictures! 🙂 
Inside my make-up bag… 
MUA Dusk till Dawn Eyeshadow Palette – this palette is perfect for on the go as there is a good mix of shades, plus the packaging is durable and withstands me throwing my bag around with no smashed powders. 
L’Oreal Superliner in Black
Maybelline Volume Express
Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil in Black
Benefit Sample size – Posie Tint, POREfessional and Erase Paste
Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm (and more!) – this is a gorgeous product, lightly scented and can be used on any dry skin patches not just the lips. 
Skin Food by Weleda – another favourite of mine, I use this as a rich handcream although it can be used everywhere! 
Mirenesse – Glossy Kiss in 14. Perfect Kiss 

On a long journey
I don’t always carry around these items, at the moment I am really lucky as my work is just a ten minutes walk away so usually I just carry headphones, however on a long journey I would also pack my Kindle Fire HD. This is amazing for long journeys as it is packed with books to read, games and if there is WiFi I can watch films on LoveFILM and read blogs. I also don’t go far without my Bobble Water bottle as on a long journey it’s important to keep hydrated. This clever bottle filters the water as I drink so there is no need to keep buying bottled water. 
So, thinking about the costs… 

Bag – £10.00
Purse – £5.00
iPhone 4S – £200.00
Kindle Fire HD – £160.00 
Keys – £40.00 
Make-up and Cosmetics – £60.00 (approx) 
Bobble Water Bottle – £10.00 
Sunglasses – £12.00
GRAND TOTAL:  £497 (!!!) 
Wow, I am a little shocked at the overall costs, as to me I only have a cheapish bag and don’t carry around my best make-up products. Just shows you how these things can add up! 
Do you know how much your handbag is worth? Send me your links if you have posted a ‘Whats in my Handbag?’ post! 

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