Body Shop Seaweed Skincare Range

Hey lovelies,
Hope you had a lovely weekend! The weather has been GORGEOUS here, I’ve had a really lovely weekend with lots of sunshine and good company. I will posting all about my weekend and spamming you all with lots of photos during the week 🙂 
So, today I wanted to talk about an awesome new product I have been trying out from the Body Shop. Just recently, I have been lucky enough to sample a couple of products from their Seaweed Range. I have been using the Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator* (£9.00) and the Seaweed Clarifying Facial Toner* (£8.00) for a couple of weeks now. 
Now, at first I was slightly dubious, seaweed isn’t really an ingredient I think of as luxurious or having a nice scent. I thought of when I was scuba diving and found it quite slimy to touch and always getting in my way! So I was interested to see what these products were like. 

Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator – This product is made from community trade seaweed, with added fine joboba beads and olive stone to exfoliate and clarify. The scrub has a lovely organic scent that is not overpowering or ‘seaweedy’ at all. I have been using this product once or twice a week, and have found it leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft. The gentle scrub buffs the skin whilst the cleanser gives a deep clean feel. The best part of this product is it’s great for balancing oily skin. Any oily patches were gone after a couple of uses, and I’ve had no break-outs since. 
Seaweed Clarifying Toner – Now this is my favourite of the products and one I will be repurchasing for sure! The toner is AMAZING. I use this after cleansing my skin to remove any last traces of cleanser, make-up or impurities and to prime the skin for moisturiser. It’s refreshing and light, and leaves the skin feeling so clean. Like the exfoliator, this product is really great for balancing oily skin, without completely drying it out. Highly recommended! 
Have you tried any products from this range at all? Would you think to try a seaweed based product? 

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