In June I….

♡  Went on two ‘date-nights’ with V-man including Thai food, French food and to the cinema to see Despicable Me 2
♡ Finally enjoyed some sunshine on the beach here in Brighton
♡ Got my last essay mark and achieved a high pass, woo! 
♡ Continued to learn to crochet and made watermelon coasters and granny squares. My next project is an amigurumi! 
♡ Caught up with friends and hosted a dinner party in our new flat
♡ Went on two work nights out in the same week and had an awesome time with my colleagues
♡ Jumped on the bandwagon with Cleansing Skincare Brushes and now wonder how I coped without!
♡ Made some more lovely fruit ice teas using the lovely Teapigs teabags
♡ Went to an Aston Martin owners club event at Hever Castle in Kent and was able to sit in the drivers seat of some amazing cars
♡ Discovered a new class at the gym – Body Balance, a mix of yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Harder work than it sounds, but leaves you feeling amazing.
♡ Had the busiest month EVER – blogging, gymming, working, studying, eating, sleeping…I feel in June I didn’t stop for two seconds! Was fun though 🙂

Here is June’s Instarecap! 
Brighton Bin Strike / Hever Castle / Gorgeous Aston Martin / First paddle in the sea
Running in the park / Cream Tea – yum! / My cooking skills / Work Beach Volleyball
Sweeties / Amazing Boost Juices / My first crochet iPhone case / Craft storage box
Lovely bits from Body Shop / New Shoes / Attempting Amigurumi / Knitting 
What did you get up to in June? And what are your plans for July? 🙂

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