Motivation Monday #4: Life without Facebook

Today I wanted to talk to you about a recent decision I have made. This weekend I have completely removed myself from Facebook. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, each time I look through my timeline I wonder why I am interested in being on there. I know it’s great for sharing pictures and keeping in touch with friends, but before we had Facebook we managed to do this pretty well, why is it different now? 🙂 I feel like the reality of my timeline is trivial status updates and pictures, such as people I went to school with 10 years ago taking pictures of their dinner or endless pictures of sick puppies and people with cancer that will be miraculously cured if I press ‘like’. Why are we all so fascinated by these small details of other peoples lives? I didn’t really get on with these people at school, so why am I likely to now? 
The average 18-25 year old (not that I fall into this category but a lot of you will) spends an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes on Facebook a day. I just thought of all the things I could be doing instead of being glued to my phone on Facebook. I could read a book, catch up with world news, see a friend, do an exercise class or study towards my psychology degree. All of these things will benefit me so much more than looking at a stream of unimportant news and pictures, right? 
So here are my reasons for leaving Facebook:

♡ I want to use my time wisely
♡ I like to catch up with my friends in person, or over the phone. It’s not personal just to read a status on Facebook and click ‘like’, I want to catch up with them and hear all their news myself. Just recently when I see a friend we have nothing to talk about as we have already seen what we’ve been up to on Facebook, it’s rubbish! 
♡ I don’t actually want to read news about half the people I am friends with, yet it’s considered ‘rude’ to unfriend them
♡ Studies have actually shown our generation are losing their social skills due to the rise in social media and texting. I refuse to do this so I’m going back to the old fashioned catch up and cuppa approach, much better. 
♡ It’s nice to have some freedom, why does everyone need to, or want to know what I am doing on a daily basis? It’s nice to not tell the world, and not check to see how many ‘likes’ my latest post received. 
So, thats it really, it’s early days so far so I am just waiting to see how it goes. It’s natural to worry that I will miss out on important news and invites, however my theory is that if it’s a friend I care about then we will talk about our news personally anyways. 
What is your opinion on this? Have you taken the steps to be free? 

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