My Sickness Survival Guide

Hey lovelies,
If you have been reading my blog over the last couple of weeks you will have seen I’ve been a bit of a poorly bunny just recently. I’ve just been signed off work for another week, so tonight I am writing the ultimate sickness survival guide, these lovely things get me by each day and are helping me on the path to hopefully feeling better soon. If you are feeling run down, or poorly like me, here is what I recommend:


These have been a god-send – on the first day I started feeling poorly a box of Big Shotz Everyday Nutrition* drinks arrived on my doorstep for me to try, it’s as if they are psychic! I have had one of these a day for the last 10 days and I’m sure they are helping loads with my recovery, it is good to know I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need at the moment. Each bottle contains 11 vitamins and 6 minerals, they even contain Omega 3. They taste yummy too – like a tropical fruit juice, you would never know you there was all that goodness hidden inside. These little beauties can be ordered online here and a box of 12 is £11.99 + pp.

I’ve been keeping myself entertained by crocheting pretty things and playing my favourite game on the PS3 – Ni No Kuni. If you are a girly-gamer like me this game is SO addictive, and has helped loads to take my mind of how I have been feeling recently. Easy to get lost in a world of treasure, creatures and a quest for a beautiful dragon, I would highly, highly recommend this game. I have also just downloaded ‘Kiss Me First’ by Lottie Moggach for my Kindle which looks dark and gripping, looking forward to getting into that one.
Feeling chilled and relaxed is essential to recovery, so I’ve been making sure to pamper myself with some of my favourite products. It’s nice to go to bed feeling all pampered and smelling gorgeous, this will promote a good nights sleep which is always good for recovery too.
My phone has been a lifesaver over the last week! I have just upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s amazing! Firstly, playing with it and setting it up kept me busy and entertained for hours, then it has also been handy for apps such as Ambient, which tells me the temperature and humidity levels, reminders on when to take medication and of course keeping in contact with everyone whilst I am off.
If you know me well, you will know I usually have a very healthy lifestyle and go to the gym a lot. Seeing as I’m poorly now is my excuse to eat a few naughty treats, it does make me feel better to have a little treat so I’ve been indulging a little. Of course I also eat healthy meals with lots of vegetables and nutrients too but the little treats do make me feel a LOT better. 😉
So, they are my top 5 sickness survival tips, included within this is also a lot of rest, taking the right medication and drinking lots of water to keep hydrated.

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