Sunshine, Pugs and Cupcakes…

Hey lovelies,
This Saturday I headed down to the lovely Pavilion Gardens where the Brighton Bloggers were having a picnic! We shared lots of yummy treats, chatted, laughed and got super broody over the two little blogger bubbas that came along. Unfortunately I was a bad blogger and caught up in the moment, forgot to take many pictures! However I do have a couple I can share with you…
Pavilion Gardens
Cuddles with Busby, blogger bubba of Hannah from Make do and Push!
Photo thanks to Rosie!


After a lovely couple of hours of catching up we strolled over to the North Laines to a “cute as hell” boutique called Mamma San. They were having a little party as their little shop is closing, however they are now moving online. We were treated to fruit punch and cupcakes whilst we browsed their super cute products.
I fell in love with nearly everything in the store, it’s one of those places you just can’t decide on what to buy, I loved it all! Whilst at the event were lucky enough to meet the designers of their products. I just adore Gemma Correll’s pug designs and have been eyeing up the ‘Pugs not Drugs’ tote for a while. I was excited to meet her and got her to sign a little book I bought for Vince called ‘I like eating’, which is fitting for him 😉
Also at the event were Cheap Frills and Wolf & Moon. All of their products can be found on the MammaSan website, so please take a look, but I warn you… you will want to buy EVERYTHING.
I’m sad the Mamma San boutique is closing down, however they are going online so we will still be able to buy all of their gorgeous kitsch wares.
Cute Flump Necklace and book signed by Gemma Correll 


Bloggers who came along were:
 Carrie from Carrie:Brighton,
Hannah from Make do and Push!
Laura from Chambray and Curls,
Laura from Lola and Behold,
Rosie from Everythings Rosie,
Lauren from Belle Du Brighton
Fiona from Fifi McGee
All of them have great blogs so please do check them out 🙂
It was a great day out, hopefully won’t be too long until the next Brighton Blogger Meet!

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