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I have been tagged by the lovely Kirsty at Taupe and Pearl to complete the Skincare Tag! I couldn’t make a fancy graphic like Kirsty’s, she is so creative! However I have enjoyed answering the questions and have thrown in some pictures for good measure too 🙂
1. Describe your skincare routine in 5 words… 
2. What is your skin type? 
Combination! It also depends on the time of the month. I have oily skin with some dry patches.
3. What is your favourite skincare product? 
I’m cheating here as I’ve given three answers, but my favourite product is my No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush.  Of course this wouldn’t work without a fabulous cleanser too. I love the No.7 Melting Gel Cleanser and the Green People’s Gentle Cleanse and Make-up Remover. It just gives my skin such a deep clean, and leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth.
4. Top blemish zapper…
I thought at 27 I wouldn’t get spots anymore…. wrong! I use Neutrogena Visably Clear Pink Grapefruit daily scrub, and once a week I treat myself to a facemask, I love this Cooling Clay Mask by Amie for a deep cleanse.
5. Facewipes – yay or nay… 
I have to say nay. I have never got on with them, I don’t know if I wear a lot of eye make-up but I have never found a wipe that doesn’t leave me looking like a panda!
6. Toner – yay or nay… 
Absolutely! I love toner, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I am currently loving the Body Shop’s Seaweed toner, and reviewed this here.
7. High-end skincare or high-end make-up? 
This is a tough one! To be honest, I don’t have a lot of either, I would love to but just don’t have the budget. For me I would probably treat myself to a couple of high-end skincare products if I could. At the end of the day you want your skin to look fabulous for as long as possible, whereas make-up is just a daily thing. I do believe you can get some great products under £10 though!
7. What is the most unusual skincare product you have tried? 
I’m sorry I’m copying Kirsty and Carrie here, but is was the 24ct gold under eye masks by Jamela! I reviewed them here, they were odd but brilliant! I would love to try them again.
8. You’re in a French Pharmacy and can only pick one item – what would it be? 
I’ve been eyeing up Bioderma Sensibio H2O for a while now (sorry to copy you again Carrie, but it’s true!) There are so many reviews out there, I’m off to France in September I will have to look out for it.
9. Top Skincare Tip… 
Take your make-up off whilst just at home! Give your skin some time to breath, it’ll thank you for it.
A few of my favourite products
Right, I tag…

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