The Week that was Instagrammed #1

Hey lovelies, 
Hope you have had great weekends and have been out enjoying the sunshine! Last week I saw that Hannah at Make, Do and Push! had started a new linkie – the called “The Week that was Instagrammed”, and well, you know me I love a good link up and a nosey through everyones photo’s so I decided to join in! However upon putting this together I have realised I haven’t taken as many pictures as I thought I had done – fail! But I will share what I have so far, and will attempt to take even MORE photos next week (I thought I was a camera addict, obviously not!) I have really struggled with keeping up with blogging, taking photos and commenting this week as I have had an essay due in, so bear with me 🙂
So here we go, my week! 
Sunday was a glorious day here in sunny Brighton and I was lucky enough to have my best friends down from London to see me. It was so lovely to see Kay & Sara, I really don’t see them enough. We had a good catch up over a picnic and cupcakes on the beach. It was also Paddle Round the Pier so we watched all the mad people on crazy rafts, canoes and boards paddling their way around the West Pier. Lovely day! 
Wednesday’s Blog Post: Sunshine, Pugs and Cupcakes
This week has been a bit of a dull week for me, so I apologise for the lack of weekday photos! The sun continued to shine, so I snapped this lovely picture of Brighton Pavilion. I also got upset during the evening as my knitting I’ve been working on since February had a hole in it! Wednesday night we played rounders on Preston Park with my work colleagues, but me – bad blogger, forgot to take any photos! (fail). Thursday I went to the gym and did interval training on the treadmill, you can’t see it in this pic but I was SO SWEATY. I know, attractive! This was my snap for the Instagram daily challenge, Thursday was ‘What I wore’ so it was apt. Friday my work colleagues and I had a ‘naughty lunch’ and I tried Taro bubble tea! It was lovely, tastes like biscuits! 
Saturdays Blog Post: The Skincare Tag
Saturday was another glorious day in Brighton. I did two intense classes at the gym, Step & Body Pump which were hard in the heat but I’m glad I let out some steam as we spent the rest of the day chilling out on the beach. We were even brave enough for a little dip in the sea, which was so cold but lovely once we got over the initial shock. 
All in all, it’s been a lovely week! 
What did you do this week?
p.s – I promise to take more pictures next week! 🙂 

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