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 I’m really no expert in make-up or beauty, in fact until a couple of months ago I still applied most of my make-up with my fingers (yes I can hear you beauty bloggers gasping!). However, I’ve been using these brushes for a little while and they have really made a difference to my overall look, using make-up brushes & sponges really does create a flawless, even coverage you just can’t achieve without. I’ve realised how patchy my make-up must have looked, cringe! So I wanted to share with you a couple of really great products I now wouldn’t be without. I’ve also been avidly watching YouTube vids and tutorials over the last couple of months to learn the best techniques and have picked up some great ideas and inspiration. 
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – £4.99*

Firstly, I apply my foundation. Now this is a great little product! This little sponge has rounded sides to cover the larger areas of the face, and a flat, angled side to work into the contours of the face, blending flawlessly around the eyes and nose. Finally the precision tip is ideal for covering blemishes and working in your concealer. My top tip for using the Miracle Complexion Sponge is to apply foundation in small amounts dotted around the face, then simply ‘bounce’ the sponge lightly on the skin, gently tapping the product onto the skin, this creates such a flawless look, rather than rubbing the foundation across the skin, leaving it looking patchy and even stripy! I’m in love with using this little sponge and would highly recommend it. 
Real Techniques will be launching this little beauty in September/October 2013 in Boots & Superdrug stores, and it will retail for a bargain price of £4.99.
EcoTools Bamboo 6 piece Brush Set – £15.99*

This little brush set has been perfect for newbie beauty-lover, and the thing that appeals to me the most is that all brushes are made from natural and recycled materials which are 100% cruelty free. The set includes 6 brushes, a natural cotton and hemp cosmetic bag and a reusable storage pouch. The handles of the brushes are made from Bamboo, a highly sustainable plant with recycled aluminium ferrules. The bag even includes a green tip which is: turn off water whilst brushing teeth, washing your hands and washing dishes to conserve water. Nice touch. Now onto the brushes… 
Blush Brush – very soft bristles to sweep blush over the cheek bones. I also use this brush to apply translucent powder over my foundation as gives such a soft, even coverage.
Eye Shading Brush – I use this to apply a neutral tone to my whole eye lid, evening out the colour and then blending colours together once I have added other tones. 
Eyeliner Brush – I use this one to line my eyes with a smoky brown shade of eyeshadow which gives a more subtle look than eyeliner. This brush gives a very sharp definite line and can be used for brows too.
Lash and Brow Groomer – Perfect for shaping brows and keeping them in check! I use the comb to separate my eyelashes after applying mascara to avoid the clumpy look.
Concealer Brush – a precision tip to apply concealer with a flatter side to blend.
So, there we have my brushes so far… and now I’m addicted I just want to try more! 
Here are my results so far, I’m still feeling a bit poorly so excuse the slightly ill look in the photos 🙂
What are your favourite make-up brushes? 
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