New Release: Touch in SOL Korean Make-up comes to the UK!

Morning lovelies! 
It’s the weekend! YAY! V-man is off on a stag-do this weekend, so I’ve got the whole place to myself, to chill out, drink coffee, watch girly TV and of course – BLOG! Bliss! Tonight I’m off for a girly night out, mexican food and cocktails – looking forward to it! Haven’t been out properly since before I became ill, so it’s been a long awaited cocktail for sure… Anyway, I digress! Today I’m here to show you a brand new range of Korean make-up, called Touch in SOL to fall in love with. I am in love with products from Asia so was delighted to be sent a few products to try. 

When the products arrived the first thing I noticed was the cutesy packaging – I love all the sweet names for each product, it’s a nice touch! I’m a sucker for products from asia so this was right up my street. I looked up their Korean advert, which featured Korean star Ailee – this sums up the cute, stylish image they are trying to create… 

The first product I tried was the No Problem! Primer* – sale price £9.90 (RRP £11.00)
This product is used to smooth out pores and wrinkles before makeup application, creating a flawless base for make-up, this also helps make-up to last longer too. I loved the glass bottle and pump, these products look great as well as being functional. The active ingredients include collagen to keep the skin smooth and healthy and also Green tea. This is interesting is the Green Tea protects the skin,  aiming to decrease the production of melanin in the skin. It’s not something we usually think of in the UK but in the far east many of their products contain whitening ingredients. This doesn’t whiten as such, it’s just a preventative which is ok with me. 
I really loved this product, it glides on and gives a really even finish. The texture is just so soft on the skin and creates an amazing base for make-up. I’m really sold on this product and now use it daily. 
The second product I tried was another skin base, Feel like Honeymoon Skin Base* – £10.20 (RRP £11.30) – this price is for the slightly larger 32g bottle than photographed. 
I love, love, love the name of this product – cute or what? This is an all-in-one moisturising and make-up base, which is a sweet mix of honey and gold. It is the last step of skincare before you apply your foundation and is best applied by gentle tapping it into the skin. On first application I was quite surprised by the consistancy, it’s a thick gel that is speckled with gold flecks. When I applied it to my skin it felt thick and left my skin with a wet feel, I wasn’t too keen at first on this, but after a minute or so it absorbed leaving a smooth, moisturised feel, all ready for make-up. Strange, but it really grew on me! I also love the honey and flower extract scent, its gorgeous. This product is packed with so many active ingredients… Honey to firm and vitalise the skin, hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid to work on discoloured skin and natural radiance. The combination also helps to repair the skin and recover from fatigue. Nifty little product huh! 🙂
The next product I tried was the Let me ask you more Flush Lipgloss. Another cute name, and on the side of the bottle it says “everyone feels magical attraction from your lips, and will tell you LET ME ASK YOU MORE”. I tried #5 Nuddi Beige* sale price £7.70 (RRP £8.60).  This product is smooth and glossy on the lips and has a sweet candyfloss scent. The consistancy is not sticky at all as the gloss is packed with Vitamin E which moisturises the lips. The colour is a lovely nude shine which contains a 3D hologram creating a real shine by reflecting the light. They offer a whole range of pinks, I will be buying a few more for my collection. 
The next product I tried was the Touch the Sky Curling Mascara* – sale price £9.60 (RRP £10.70)
Since receiving this mascara about 2-3 weeks ago I have used it every day. I LOVE it, I love the shape of the brush, it applies so well and isn’t clumpy at all. It really boosts the lashes creating a long curled look. It is also waterproof which is great too. It’s a little tricky to remove but worth it as I think it gives a really great finish. 
Lastly, I received a small sample of Advanced Real Moisture Foundation in #21 Nude Beige* – sale price £19.80 (RRP £22.00)
This product is really great as it includes SPF 30, which is really handy, I’m always forgetting to apply sun cream to my face (the most important part, doh!) however it does include whitening ingredients which I wonder how popular will be within the UK market. Overall, it’s a really moisturing foundation which gives a light and even coverage.
Touch in SOL finished look – to create this look I used from this range: No Problem Primer,  Advanced Real Moisture Foundation in #21 Nude Beige, Touch the Sky Curling Mascara, Let me ask you more Flush Lipgloss in Nuddie Beige.
Overall, I really enjoyed testing this range. I’ve been using the products as part of my daily make-up and would definitely repurchase all of the samples I was sent to try, apart from the foundation because I’m not sure about the whitening aspect. I would however love to try one of their BB creams so will keep my eye out for one on their website. I’ve been having a browse and I will be buying a few more bits from their range after payday for sure. Now is a great time to try Touch in SOL as they have a huge sale on and free UK postage & packaging.
What do you think to this range? 
Have you tried Korean make-up?

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