The week that was Instagrammed: #3

Hey lovelies,
Hope you are having a nice weekend! I missed this post last week, I was so poorly I didn’t really have any pictures to show you all. However I’m on the mend now and have been trying to keep myself entertained whilst I’ve been off work so I have a few more pictures to share with you this time.

Here is my week:

Weekend blog post: 5 things I have learned about blogging 
On Sunday I was really poorly, however Vince had a fab day in Chichester at the Great Sussex Bathtub Race. He had to build a raft using an old bathtub, wood and ropes and race it against other teams for charity. I did go along but couldn’t really enjoy myself as I had to just chill on the picnic blanket and rest up. I wanted to give them a good cheer but my asthma was so bad, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t be myself. He knew I was supportive of him though, and I took lots of pictures for them. His team came 5th overall which was awesome.

Monday I was then very poorly so have nothing to write about!

Tuesdays blog Post: The Ultimate Sickness Survival Guide
On Tuesday I woke up and decided I need to do all I can do help myself to get better as being off sick from work has been really boring! I actually miss work loads. So I dosed myself up with vitamins and headed to the Dr’s. I was given some extra-strong painkillers and diagnosed with what might be costochondritius. I then treated myself to a nice relaxing bath with all my favourite products and rested lots in the hope of feeling better.

Wednesday I rested up on the sofa and to keep myself busy I crocheted myself a new cute & stripy phone case. I also watched a couple of Japanese Movies made by Studio Ghibli, like My neighbour Totoro and The Secret World of Arietty.

Thursdays Blog Post: Easy Crochet Phone Cover Tutorial 
Thursday was the best day ever. I finally started feeling better! Not 100% but the pain in my chest had subsided from the painkillers and this stopped the wheezing and breathless feeling. It was the first day in three weeks I had felt just normal. I managed a walk around the park without wheezing at all and smiled to myself the whole way. I know it’s sad but I really did start to feel down being so poorly, it felt like it was never going to end. I got home and told Vince I was feeling more myself and he treated me to my favourite food – a lovely Thai dinner, just round the corner from our place. Things are looking up! 🙂

Friday’s Blog Post: Homemade Banana and Oat Face Mask
Friday I rested up again, as I didn’t want to rush myself and get poorly again. I chilled out, made my first amigurumi (crochet cupcake!) and watched more Japanese movies. Yes, I’m obsessed with them.

Saturday was my Nan’s 80th Birthday, so we held a little tea party for her and all the family came. It was a really lovely day with so much food, tea and cake. It was a beautiful sunny day – I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family as I just don’t see them enough.

So that was my week – it’s been a bumpy ride of illness, rest and recovery but it looks like I’m going in the right direction! I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work this week and getting back into a normal routine. 
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