The Week that was: Instagrammed #4

Good morning lovelies! 
I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since my last ‘The Week that was Instagrammed’ post, it’s flown by! Well, the good news this week is that it looks like I’m on the mend, I’m starting to feel so much better and have gone back to work just on reduced hours at the moment phew! So, this week isn’t the most exciting picture-wise as when I’ve not been working I’ve been trying to rest up and get better. But I have managed to rustle up a few snaps to share with you all, next week will be more fun, promise 🙂
Sunday was a relaxing day. In the morning our hairdresser friend popped over to do our hair, she added really light blonde highlights to my hair, and cut me a light fringe and some layers as I’m planning on wearing my hair curly/wavy most of the time now (after straightening it everyday for about 5 years). She also cut Vince’s hair and had a bit of lunch with us… handy having a friend who is a hairdresser! I spent the rest of the day crocheting and planning my next craft projects, the grey circle is a little Totoro amigurumi in the making 🙂
Monday & Tuesday I rested up and got ready for going back to work.
Wednesday was an emotional day. It marked the 10 year anniversary of my sister Viv passing away. It was a sad day but she would have wanted us to do something fun and happy to remember that day, rather than sit around feeling sad as she was always such a fun-loving person. To take my mind from things Vince took me for a lovely meal at the Devils Dyke pub where we agreed we would be celebrating her life and remembering the happy, fun times. We had a lovely meal in her memory and took some pictures of the sunset whilst we said a few words, it was a really nice way to mark the occasion and I’m sure she was looking over us and smiling. 
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Friday was a lovely day, I received my hamper from Sami from That Red Head Said after winning her giveaway, it was packed to the brim with lovely things! Vince was out for the evening so I had the place to myself to have a hot bath, with a cup of tea, chocolates from Hotel Chocolat (YUM) and a bathbomb from Lush. I really pampered myself with all my lovely new products, bliss! 
Saturday I was feeling SO much better – finally! I finally curled my hair and took a few cheeky selfies whilst Vince was getting ready, then we walked into town and do a spot of shopping (check me out – walking without taking 100 puffs of my inhaler, woo!) I went in Primark and bought way too much, then treated myself to a couple of the Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons, after seeing them on loads of blogs everywhere (I’m a sucker for a new blogger craze). As Superdrug was so busy I accidentally picked up ‘Orange Punch’ instead of ‘Peach on the Beach’, but have decided sometimes it’s nice to wear something out of my comfort zone so I’m going to give an orange shade a go!  We went to Costa where we planned our holiday to France on Vince’s iPad and I tried to talk him into a beautiful but very expensive boutique hotel in Bordeaux. We then planned our tropical fish tank, which is our new hobby. Some fish will get on, however some fish will fight/eat each other so it needs to be carefully planned out to avoid a fishtank warzone which nobody would enjoy! The fish tank however is on hold until we come back from France as I don’t want to leave our baby fish alone for a whole week just after they have settled in, and the chemicals/heat/water will need to be constantly monitored, but it gives us something to do to cure the post-holiday blues! 
Vince’s Mum popped over in the evening and gave us these beautiful roses and some chocolates. I’ve been utterly spoilt this week for sure!  
So, that was my week!
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