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So, when I posted my Weekly Wishes last week, I said I going to challenge myself to try and save some money and sort out my finances. I’m just starting to save for my first house and us young’uns need all the help we can get, right? This resulted in a lot of comments! Lots of you were asking me for tips & advice and asking me to post my money saving ideas. I am by no means an expert but I have put together a few of thrifty techniques I use, that have been tried and tested and should help you to save a few pennies. My motto is that if I can save money, even if it’s only a few pennies it all helps. I always look around for the cheapest option and offers. Even if it’s not massive saving, all these little amounts really do add up!

I also just want to say I have not been sponsored or asked to post any of these links, these are genuinely sites I use and I’m sharing with you everything here based on personal experience only!

  • Loyalty Cards: I have HUNDREDS of these, for every shop you can think of! If they are offering points, free products or offers, getting a card is worth having as usually they are free. My favourites are Tesco Clubcard – We’ve had mini-breaks with gorgeous B&B’s, meals out and trips to Longleat using points alone. I also love Superdrugs Beauty Card (which is a cute mirror too, handy) and the Boots Advantage card. I usually get a free product a month so it’s worth it!
  • Cashback: If you are ever shopping online, renewing car/home insurance then make sure you check on a cashback website whether you are entitled to cashback on your purchase. They work on referral fee’s so when you use the cashback site it clicks through to the main site where you purchase a product. You can then claim the referral fee for yourself! It’s an amazing little trick that not enough people are taking advantage of. My favourite site is Top Cashback and since starting my account there I’ve claimed over £350 in bonus cashback.
Online Cashback
My account, just to show it really does work 🙂
  • Voucher Codes – Eating Out:  Whenever I’m on a day out or going for a meal I always scan around online for voucher codes. Loads of places quite often have deals where they offer 2 for 1 main courses, or 25% off the bill, so why not save a bit of money and get your meal a bit cheaper? I also have an app so I can see where the deals are around me if I haven’t had time to check online first.
  • Voucher Codes – Shopping: Every time I purchase something online I search on google for voucher codes for the certain brand. I also have a few discount codes listed on the sidebar of my blog as I’m one for a bargain. I love sites like
  • Student Discount: As I am an Open University Student I am entitled to an NUS extra card. These are awesome and available for anyone in full or part-time education. I save money at shops like Miss Selfridge/Dorothy Perkins/Superdrug and on things like cinema tickets. Worth having.
  • Check direct debits: Double check exactly what you are paying out for every month. It is so easy to just let direct debits run without a thought, but do you really need that insurance on a phone you bought in 2009? I checked mine and saved £20 per month cancelling services I no longer needed.
  • Pack lunches: I know it’s easy to just pop out at lunch an grab a quick sandwhich, but £3 a day in lunches adds up to a massive £720 a year! That is a huge expense and can easily be saved by buying fresh ingredients at the supermarket and bringing a packed lunch. This is probably healthier too? Win, win! 

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