Weekly Wishes #3

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s time for Weekly Wishes again! It feels strange doing it today as it’s Bank Holiday Monday and they always feel like Sundays. Confusing! Anyway, it’s time to join in again with the lovely Nectar Collective’s motivational goal inspiring link-up for the week. 
So, how did I get on last week?
  • Eat Healthy! Ummm. Fail! To be fair I did stick to healthy lunches at work, but probably over did it this bank holiday weekend. We went to a friend’s for a huge roast dinner, then today had fish & chips on the beach and then an ice cream. It was fun though? 
  • Start a new crochet project! Tick! It’s finished too, I can’t reveal what it is yet, but I’ve made my best friends new baby Lily Rose something super cute. Once I’ve given it to her tomorrow I’ll post lots of pics on Instagram! (fizzypeaches) 
  • Sort my finances! Tick! I went through all of my direct debits, working out where I can save and what I don’t need. I managed to cancel around £25 of insurances I don’t need and changed my bank account so they don’t charge me for useless things I don’t even need. I’ve also tried not to spend too much on pointless things and so far been pretty good. 
Goals for this week: 
  • Learn to do a ripple stitch! I want to make a gorgeous colourful blanket like the picture above, so this week I’m going to try and master the ripple stitch by just practicing with some spare yarn until I’ve got it. 
  • Sort my wardrobes! When I think about it, I probably only wear 20-30% of my clothes on a daily basis, I need to get my clothes out and put together some different outfits and try out some new combinations. I’m really bored of my clothes but don’t want to spend too much on new stuff so if I can figure out a few new outfits I’d be really pleased. 
  • Eat Healthy! Ok I better put that one back up there following last weeks epic fail! 
What are your goals this week?
Feel free to join in with the link-up below:

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