Bon Voyage!

So, we are finally off on our holidays. It’s been a long time coming and I cannot wait to just chill out in France, soak up some sunshine and eat a lot of French food. All of that aside, I’m really looking forward to having some time to recharge my batteries, and hopefully start to recover from this horrible illness. Just recently I’ve had a lot on my mind at the moment about the future. I need to make some big decisions and work out what I really want, so time away in great company will help. I find having a total change of scenery gives me a better perspective on life, and I will be able to have a good think. I also think relaxing and some warm air will do wonders for my poorly lungs, and look forward to hopefully feeling a little more normal. 
Vince’s turns 29 whilst we are away so I’m also looking forward to helping him celebrate his big day!
Whilst I’m away I’ve organised some of my favourite bloggers to take over and guest post for me, so keep and eye out as there are some awesome posts lined up for the week! 
See you soon,

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