Brand New Release from the Body Shop: Honeymania!

Mmm, honey crumpets! One of my favourite smells. When I heard Body Shop were releasing a new range enriched with honey goodness I just had to get in on the action! I was lucky enough to receive a few products to try before the official launch of the Honeymania range on the 18th September. I can predict this new range of indulgent bath & body range is going to be very popular as the products are just gorgeous!

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, so I grabbed my Kindle and ran a steaming hot bath. Firstly I tried the Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt* (£8.00), let me tell you, it was indeed a divine honeypot bath experience! The melt froths up into a huge amount of bubbles and has a sweet floral, honey scent. Bliss! 

After my long soak in the bath, I used the Honeymania Body Butter* (£10.00), another classic body butter from The Body Shop. I find their body butters so rich and creamy. The Honeymania butter is lightly scented and enriched with honey for 24 hours of hydration.
Lastly, once I was dressed I lightly spritzed the Honeymania Eau de Toilette (£8.50) – I’ve been wearing it every day since I received it. I’m in love with this floral, sweet scent! A perfectly light fragrance for wearing to the office, or a casual day out. It’s also just the right size to pop in my handbag, so I carry it around everywhere.

The thing I love the most about this range, apart from the gorgeous honey scent is that it comes with a story too… 

  • The Body shop source their honey from the remote Sheka rainforest in the Ethiopian Highlands, a biodiversity hotspot that’s protected by UNESCO. 
  • Sheka honey has a very distinctive taste and smell because of the fragrant rainforest flowers that the bees collect the nectar from. Its green floral aroma makes it distinct from any other honey.
  • The African honey bees that produce our honey are free to roam the rainforest. Every day, the bees communicate through ‘dancing’ to direct each other to the tastiest flowers.
  • The honey selected for use within The Body Shop products is of the highest quality – in fact it’s good enough to eat! It’s sold by high-end brands as tablehoney.
  • Honey production is a great way of ’empowering women’. Traditionally a male practice, women are now getting involved in beekeeping, empowering females in the community and boosting their self esteem.
Image courtesy of The Body Shop

Overall this is a lovely range, made from ethically sourced raw ingredients, dancing bee’s and empowered women. Not to mention the gorgeous floral scents and indulgent rich honey moisture. 
Make sure you check it out on the 18th September!!

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