Dreaming in Français

Well, it’s been a long week so I’m doing a spot of holiday planning! In just a week and a bit, V-man and I will be jetting off to soak up the sunshine in one of the most beautiful parts of France and I can’t wait! It’s been a long time coming, I can’t believe it’s only a week or so away. So much has happened in the last year, I think it’s safe to say we deserve a well earned holiday and a chance to relax!

So this is my list so far of things we will be doing on our holiday and some gorgeous pictures from where we are going. We will be staying with my Auntie and Uncle in Gemozac, then moving onto Bordeaux for the final two nights. During this time will be Vince’s 29th birthday (old man) so I’m currently scheming up lots of nice ideas of ways to make that day special.

1. Seeing family and relaxing in their lovely French home – my Auntie and Uncle live out in France so I don’t get to see them much. I’m really excited about visiting them and seeing their lovely home. They have completely renovated the barn next to their house and are now renting it out as self catering apartments. It looks utterly amazing, beautiful views, peace and tranquility and best of all a hot tub! What more could you ask for? They have a beautiful website – if you are looking for a place to stay in France, please do check it out as it looks fabulous. Of course once I am back I will be posting all about it and lots of my own photos too.

2. Soaking up the local culture – this area of France is just stunning. I can’t wait to mooch around the local villages, trying the local cafe’s and maybe even try to speak a little French.

3. Wine Tasting at the local vineyards – this part of France is famous for it’s wine, so we can’t wait to sample some, straight from the Vineyard!

4. Going for long bike rides – getting lost and exploring completely new surroundings.

5. French Picnic’s in the sunshine – wine, french bread and brie, the perfect way to relax in the sunshine. 

6. Sightseeing in Bordeaux – learning about the culture and trying the local food. Plus of course we will be celebrating V-man’s birthday, so will be a very special time. 
7. Shopping for French Cosmetics – Can’t wait to browse the French pharmacies for products we can’t get our hands on easily over here.

I can’t wait! 

Please check out Embrace France for more details on this beautiful place to stay 🙂

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