Love the Planet: Washable Cleansing Pads

I am always on the look out for eco-friendly beauty products, so was excited to be introduced to these fabulous environmentally friendly washable cleansing pads. I’ve been having a think about it and all the cotton wool we use must really add up. The worst part of it is, that cotton wool isn’t going anywhere! It just goes in the bin, can’t be recycled, so it’ll just be dumped in a landfill – bad times for the environment! Plus although it’s cheap, the cost of buying so much cotton wool does add up over time. 
So, I discovered the perfect alternative – Washable Cleansing pads* by a really lovely small company called Love the Planet. Re-usable cleansing pads, with a little wash bag included so you can use your pads, then pop them in the wash to start over again! A simple, but amazing idea!
Using the pads is just like cotton wool – they are quite large, I actually get two uses out of each one as I use one side to remove all my eye make-up, then I switch it over and I have a fresh side to use for toner. They are made from a soft fabric, which is perfect for using around the eye area, plus they are super absorbent too, so you don’t feel like you are just smudging the make-up around your face.
Once I have used all 5 I just pop them in the washing machine, in the little bag to keep them together, along with my clothes (similar colours). I washed them on a 40 degree synthetic wash (with a scoop of vanish!) and they came out almost as good as new! They were clean and smelled gorgeous, the only thing you could see was a very slight darker patch where I rubbed off my mascara, but that was to be expected as I’ve been wearing a tough waterproof recently and lets be honest, nothing shifts that! I left them on the windowsill to dry in the sunshine and they were ready to use by the evening. Perfect! 
 Washable Cleansing Pads retail at £6.20 for 5 and can be bought online at Love The Planet.

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