My new & exciting project….

So, a very exciting post today, as I want to announce I am opening my very own little crochet store on Etsy! Over the last year I’ve developed a real love for crafting and making things, and I’ve now sold a few pieces too so this was naturally the next step. Above is a little collection of things I’ve made so far, with so many more items in the pipeline too. 
I’m super excited and in the planning stage at the moment so far. In my spare time I’ve been making lots of different coloured scarves and cowls, headbands, hats and baby blankets, ready for the launch. 
I even love crocheting at the moment so much I’m packing some wool and a hook in my luggage to go on holiday 🙂
So, to run a successful business I need to ‘know my customer’ right? Well, I’ve had a lot of comments about my crochet on my blog, so maybe you lovelies wouldn’t mind helping me out with this bit. 
What would you love to see in the Fizzy Peaches crochet store? 

I would love to know what type of items you would like to see, what colours and shades you think too.  What do you think would be popular? Call this my ‘market research’. Your answers will help so much in stocking my store with items that are popular, it’s really daunting to spend hours on end making products I think are nice, but do other people think so too? It would be amazing to get some different perspectives so I would be really grateful if you could comment with your ideas. 
Thank you so much, and watch this space! 

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