Thinking the “French Way”

Here I am writing this on the last day we have in Bordeaux. We have had an amazing time and as I write this I am sitting in our hotel room with the last of the hot French sun beaming through the window and a soft lull of French voices at a local cafe below. It’s amazing how just getting away from it all can alter the perspective you see on your life. This holiday has given me so much time to think and reflect. I came to France feeling anxious, stressed and frazzled from my life In Brighton. I hadn’t really realised at the time but I was placing so much pressure on myself in so many ways…. Why? I have no idea, I guess you just fall into this way of thinking sometimes. I was trying my best with my career, studying with the Open University in my spare time and trying to run a busy growing blog. That is alongside all the other pressures of life “does my bum look big in this” etc etc.
When it comes to blogging I started to fall into that horrible blogging trap where when another blogger gets an opportunity I was thinking “why them and not me?” or “they have more followers than me”. It’s really not healthy and I’m not usually that type of person. I guess the pressure mounted in so many areas of my life feeling negative about certain things was inevitable. 
Coming to a country where the pace of life is so relaxed and easy has definitely shown me it doesn’t have to always be rush, rush, rush. The French seem so relaxed in their way of life and take life as it comes. They don’t rush in shops or moan when there is a queue, they just chat and pass the time until their turn. They also look so effortlessly stylish, simple but gorgeous dresses with minimal make up however they still look stunning. I honestly believe its a mix of a happy lifestyle and some sun. It does wonders for the skin,  more than any products can do. Their confidence radiates and it’s clear to see they are comfortable with themselves. 
When I come home I’m taking life at my own pace and fitting in more time to do things that are relaxing, social and just fun. Inspired by the French women’s confidence I feel like less is more when it comes to appearance, and confidence and happiness is the best beauty product you can buy.
The good news is that the sun, good food and time to relax has healed my poorly chest and I’m feeling so much better. It’s such a wake up call that pushing myself that hard was only ever going to make me unwell. 
With all this in mind I’ve decided to defer my university course for the time being, you only live once and burning the candle at both ends is no way to live it. I’ve decided to persue the things that make me happy instead, my blog, starting my crochet business and just enjoying life. I have a good job that I enjoy already – why I feel I must push myself for more I don’t know! 
So a  philosophical post from me today but I just wanted to share with you all the amazing way of life I’ve seen here, and a reminder to myself on what I have learnt too. As the French would say “C’est la vie!” 

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