Weekly Wishes #4

It’s that time of the week to join up with the Nectar Collective’s inspirational link-up. Time to create my wishes for the week ahead and reflect on what happened last week, join in – it’s great fun! 
So, last week… ok, well maybe we shouldn’t go there! Fail, Fail and fail! 
  • Learn to do a ripple stitch! I bought some colourful wool to practice this technique but haven’t mastered it yet…. the hard work continues! 
  • Sort my wardrobes! Fail…. I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks, that will give me an excuse to pull out all my clothes and have a re-think. 
  • Eat healthy! Same as last week, I was healthy during the week but failed at the weekends again (story of my life!) 
So, turning over a new leaf, this is this week’s goals:
  • Start to put ideas together to open a crochet Etsy store – every time I post one of my crochet pieces on Instagram I get comments asking if I sell my stuff. Sooooo, I’m going to set up a little store! It probably won’t be hugely stocked to start but I’m going to start seeing how interested people are and selling a few scarfs, headbands, phone cases and hair clips. Watch this space!
  • Be brave with my hair! I’m booked in to get my hair ‘ombre’-ed on Friday and I’m really nervous! It’s quite a daring style but I’ve wanted it for a while, end of the day it’s only hair it can grow out or be re-coloured so there is no harm in it! 🙂 
  • Sleep 8 hours a night! As you probably know if you’ve read my blog a while I have been quite poorly recently. Well, I’m still not 100% so I want to give my body the best chance possible to recover, I’ve downloaded an app called Sleepbot which times how long I’ve been asleep and my movements so I’m making sure I get enough rest. Feeling a lot better for it! It was shocking how many nights I was just getting by on 6-7 hours. 

Good luck with your goals for this week to everyone taking part.

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