Birthday Organiser Wishlist

I can’t believe it’s nearly November! My favourite month, as the 14th November is my birthday. I’ve got so much planned, it’s going to be a great month! Thinking about my birthday I’ve been pondering getting myself a little treat. Luckily I’m still in the age bracket where I get a little bit of birthday money from relatives, although I’m sure that’ll come to an end in the next couple of years when our children will take over as recipients of birthday money, so I may as well make the most of it! 
As I lead a busy life with full time work, my blog, blogging events, and I now run an Etsy store, I feel it’s time I need to get organised. I’m a huge stationery fiend and at the moment live in about 3-5 notebooks – writing lists all over the place and notes on my phone. It did work to start with but now I’m starting to get in a muddle. So I’m thinking of treating myself to an organiser for the new year to keep everything in one place. 
There are three main brands/organisers I’ve had my eye on for a while… 

The Ultimate Treat: Kate Spade 2014 Organiser in Red


These amazing organisers really would be a treat, from the US from my research the best place to pick one up is eBay – this one was listed at £89.99 although I reckon I could probably spot a bargain if I looked hard enough. The quality looks amazing though and the design is gorgeous. I love the fact it zips up, as I always have scraps of paper and hundreds of receipts to somehow keep together, I could organise them in here, rather than being scrunched in the bottom of my handbag!

The Classic Choice: Filofax Swift 2014 Organiser 

The most classic brand of organiser is Filofax. What I really love about the Swift Organiser (£38.00) is that it’s big enough to write in without knocking my hand on the centre ring binders which is what I hate about the smaller ones. It’s also handy as lots of places stock their infills and there is loads of choice, this really would be the most versatile option and one I can reuse for a long time. 
The Fun Choice: Paperchase Rika Puff Printed Personal Organiser 

Paperchase has always been a favourite of mine and they have some lovely designs this year! I love this Rika Puff design (£20.00) as it’s bright and colourful. I live quite close to a Paperchase too so will be easy to get my hands on the infills. The only thing with this one is I wonder if it’ll be a little bit small. 
Do you use an organiser? Which brand would you recommend?

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