The Week that was: Instagrammed #6

Yay I’m back again, joining in with the lovely Hannah from Make, Do and Push! to bring you ‘The Week that was: Instagrammed’! As my week was a little dull (back to work, just chilling in the evenings) most of my pictures are from this weekend, which has been awesome!

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Friday night was so much fun! We headed into town to the opening gala of the Brighton Comedy Festival. This was our third year in a row, and definitely my favourite. We started the evening at Pompoko, one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in town, then headed to the Dome. Alan Carr was the host, he was on form as usual, the comedians on the bill for the show were Jack Dee, Jon Richardson, Angela Barnes, Kevin Bridges Seann Walsh and Suzi Ruffell (plus a few more)… and just when we thought we had an amazing night, Michael McIntyre comes out at the end as a surprise act! I love him, it was the best evening, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. 
Saturday’s Blog Post: France Holiday: Part 2 
Saturday started off well with a huge box of yogurts arriving from the lovely ladies at Chobani.(Thankk youu!!) My best friend then came over for some lunch and brought her lovely 7 week old daughter, Lily Rose. I was treated to some cuddles and she fell asleep on my shoulder which was super cute, I’m in love with her and got so broody! In the afternoon I decided that inspired by the gorgeous cakes we had in France, I would make a Tarte Au Citron, the French way. Now, I’m going to lie here, I can’t bake or cook anything complicated – I get by cooking dinners, but that is about my limit, so this really was a learning curve for me! I’ve never really made anything like this and had to google things like ‘how to zest a lemon’ and find out what a bain-marie is. Thank god for YouTube, literally everything you need in life is on there! 
We also found out an interesting/funny way to seperate an egg yolk, you learn something new everyday! Anyway, the tarte turned out to be lovely I’m quite proud of myself and will be making something again next week, stay tuned! 
Today we finally bought the first of our tropical fish! I was so excited this morning I was like a child at Christmas. I’ve always loved getting new pets and welcoming them into their new surroundings, and since I was a little girl have always wanted tropical fish. They aren’t as friendly as a dog or cat but in a flat it’s our only option really! Anyway, we bought 12 little fish, although they are so small in our huge tank they have just sort of disappeared so we will be buying more over the next few weeks as you have to introduce them slowly to avoid upsetting the chemical balance etc. We bought 6 neon tetras, 3 cherry barbs and 3 sunset platys, who are all settling in well. 
After settling in our fish we went out for a 5 mile walk over the downs where I took these snaps…
And that was my week! How was your week? Feel free to join in the link-up below with your updates…

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