The Week that was: Instagrammed #7

This week has been one of the best for a long time, it’s mainly revolved around eating, however now we can wear snuggly jumpers and hide that extra ‘warmth’ I’m not really too fussed 🙂 I had some really good news this week too, so read on…

Monday’s Blog Post: Weekly Wishes #6
We started off the week with one huge meal, we headed over to Bellota Bar Y Tapas in Brighton to sample some tapas. For a Monday night we really pushed the boat out, 4 tapas, churros, cava and even a cocktail. Perfect way to clear the Monday Blues. 
Wednesday’s Blog Post: Review: Bellota Bar Y Tapas 
During the week in the evenings I focused on my crochet and my Etsy Store. I ordered some wool for the first time online, and was shocked when it arrived that one of my balls of wool is bigger than my head! What a monster. My hard work has paid off as I have some new items to add to my store this week, with lots more to come 🙂
Thursday was a terrifying day. I finally had my specialist appointment for my chest illness that I had waited for 2 months for. Naturally in that time I had managed to worry myself sick (literally) that something major would be wrong, but I think anyone would with stabbing chest pains around the heart and lungs, right? After a 2 hour appointment including lung function tests, an X-ray, two blood tests, a throat swab and a physical examination I was told that I have had a very severe virus, there is nothing of a serious nature going on.. It’s just going to take a long time to recover. PHEW! Massive relief. I didn’t know what to think whilst I was having all the tests done in the hospital, it really was terrifying. So that was a big, big relief from my mind, and V-mans too. He whizzed me out for a Thai meal to celebrate and that picture on the right is my ‘I’m so relieved’ face with a gin and tonic.
Saturday’s Blog Post: Birthday Organiser Wishlist
Saturday came with a new sense of relaxation now I know I am on the mend. I started work on my MONSTER ball of wool, making a bobble stitch scarf. We also headed into town where I tried the new Costa Hot Spiced Apple… It’s delicious and so autumnal! You must try it, although don’t try and drink the cinnamon stick like I nearly did. V-man then wanted to pick up one of my birthday presents, so he left me to wait round the corner from wherever he went – to distract myself I took a secret picture of this man’s dog as he is just too cute. Sorry if this is your dog and you are reading this by the way 😉 We then ate another huge meal as we finished the day at El Mexicana with friends. 
Good times!
Hope you have had a good weekend 🙂 Feel free to join the link-up at Make, Do and Push this weekend too! Keep safe if you are affected by the huge storm tonight too. 

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