Top 3 Winter Skincare Essentials

As today was one of the coldest days so far, I thought it’s about time we talk about Winter Skincare. My skin seems to suffer around this time, the change in temperature means I get dry, dehydrated skin from central heating and cold winds, plus the cold weather causes my pores to shut down, trapping all those nasties under the skin awaiting a huge breakout. It’s a tough time for our skin, but luckily there are some great products out there to save us!
I’ve picked three of my favourite skincare products at the moment that are going to take me through the cold times! All three are from The Body Shop as I can’t control my addiction to their wonderful ranges. 
The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil* £10 – this is the first cleansing oil released by the Body Shop, and it’s an amazing product! The oil is silky smooth, without having that greasy feeling. It takes one sweep to remove all traces of make-up and leaves my skin feeling so soft. The oil contains essential camomile oil, which has skin calming properties – perfect for the cold weather to soothe my dry, red patches.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver* £14 – This is my winter lifesaver product! My skin is terribly dull during the winter, so this skin reviver is just perfect. The Vitamin C Skin Reviver is the perfect skin base for make-up as it boosts natural radiance and contains light-reflective particles. It is so soft and silky to apply and  smells so fresh and fruity too! I apply after moisturising as a perfect make-up base. No more dull and lacklustre skin for me this winter! 
The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Night Cream £18 – I mentioned this product in my September favourites, but I really love this night cream. It’s thick and luxurious to apply which is perfect for hydrating dry winter skin overnight, so you can wake up with gorgeous smooth skin. It also addresses the signs of ageing, which can be enhanced by the extreme weather, so all round this is a perfect autumn/winter product. 
What are your cold-weather skincare essentials? 

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