A Short History of my Hair

I’ve always had very long hair, since I was little I hated getting my hair cut and grew it as long as possible. For some reason in 2012 I decided to have my hair cut really short, don’t ask me why I just did. I then also had a full-head bleach – yes, not sure what I was thinking but bear with me! 

Although I liked this style for a while, I really, really miss my long hair and am trying my best to grow it again, by keeping it really healthy and getting it trimmed now and again to avoid split ends. However, it’s taking a long time.  To mix things up whilst I’m waiting for my long hair to grow back I’ve been looking at a few different options. 
My top tips for this ‘inbetween stage’ where your hair isn’t quite where you want it to be are: 
1. Change your look instantly with a clip in fringe – I always struggle to commit to a full fringe so this is perfect for me. 
2. Change the colour – You can’t change the length, so why not change the colour – I’ve also gone for a deeper brown/ombre shade for the winter, which I really love. It’s actually closer to my natural colour than the blonde and is a fun change. 
3. Transform your hair with a long or short wig – Lastly, a big change but I have looked into this. One of my friends switches from brown to blonde hair with a wig and it looks amazing! You would never even notice. It’s a great way for changing your look quickly and easily without having to commit fully to a style. 
As you can see here, I love playing with different styles and now have medium brown to blonde ombre colour! In my opinion hair is to be experimented with, changed and styled! Nothing is forever, but I really do miss my long hair. 
*this post was in collaboration with Pauls Hair World*

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