Getting back into exercise the FUN way!

So today I wanted to talk about Fitness. I used to have a whole section on my blog dedicated to fitness and write a weekly post, but after a bad illness over the summer I’ve had about 4 months completely away from exercise. It’s been a long road to recovery – I’m so pleased to say I am finally on the mend! Having a bad illness has also put a few things in perspective for me, I’ve realised I need to treat my body with a little more respect and listen to it when I’m feeling tired, run down or sick. Whereas before, I used to have quite a drastic approach to exercise, with 4-5 intense classes a week, plus running and weight lifting. I used to supplement my diet with protein shakes, energy drinks and watched everything I ate. This time I’m taking a lighter approach to fitness, with fun things I enjoy and a mixed diet too, with treats now and again. I also plan to try some new hobbies, such as dance classes!
My plans are:
1. Do something FUN! It’s easy to lose motivation when it’s the same old thing, I love classes like Step and Zumba and I can’t wait to try Dance Classes to keep things fresh and interesting! 
2. Buy some funky new gym clothes! It’s definitely easier if you feel confident in what you are wearing to classes, so I’m going to ask for a few new bits for Christmas to strut around in at the gym and at Dance Classes. I love tops with funny logos and bright colours, where else can you wear fluorescent pink? 
3. Winter Nutrition! Where I don’t plan to watch what I eat all the time, it’s still important to consider what I am eating, in the winter it’s so tempting to eat heavy, stodgy foods. It’s also important to eat healthy foods to maintain a good immune system with all the colds and bugs that fly around during the winter months.

What do you do to keep exercise fun?

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