MySalonLooks Spa: Aromatherapy Massage Review

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will have seen that over the last month or so I’ve been on a quest to relaxation. I had been burning the candle at both ends so I needed to make some massive changes to chill out and relax a bit more. This coincided with a perfectly timed invite to the opening event at the MySalonLooks Spa, nestled in the South Laines, Brighton. Perfect! Having never really opted for spa treatments (yes, I know – madness!) I thought this is a really great opportunity to give them a go, so I booked myself in for a 30 minute back, shoulders and neck aromatherapy massage and my first ever facial.
My Massage
I was greeted by the lovely Catherine and taken into one of their gorgeous treatment rooms. The Spa is well decorated with a clean and minimalistic feel and each room has soft lighting, scented candles and relaxing music which really is a treat to all the senses. One of the awkward parts of a massage is getting undressed (paper pants anyone?) however I was left by myself to get comfortable on the massage bed and covered up by a lovely warm blanket, this I was relieved about as I know it’s an area a lot of people worry about. Catherine was so friendly and welcoming, I was asked about any health concerns and given a full consultation before the treatment began. I chose the aromatherapy massage which used an oil chosen by my therapist to soothe muscles and enhance my relaxation experience.
The massage itself was a mixture of relaxation and working on some areas of tension. As I have been coughing a lot with my chest illness over the last few months my back had a lot of tension, so getting all the knots and areas of tension out was a little uncomfortable at times, but no way painful and Catherine asked if the pressure was ok at numerous times throughout the treatment. The oils she used smelled gorgeous and I could have drifted off at certain points as I felt completely relaxed and comfortable, it was a real treat. After the massage my back and shoulders felt like a lot of the tension had been removed and I felt more relaxed, however it wasn’t quite as ‘rejuvenating’ as I had hoped, however that is probably due to the high levels of tension I had. I was advised I needed to wrap up warm and drink lots of water, which I made sure to do but I still ached a little the following day. Finally, when I woke up the day after that I finally felt the ‘rejuvenated’ feeling I had hoped for! It look a little while but the tension finally was lifted and it’s so worth it, I didn’t realise how tight my back and shoulders had become, this had obviously taken quite a while to get out of my system.
I will definitely be back soon to MySalonLooks Spa for another massage, as I think now the initial tension has gone it will be so relaxing, and I’m so pleased they were able to help me with the high levels I was previously suffering.
The Aromatherapy Massage is priced at £35 for 30 minutes and £50 for an hour and you can book appointments online and by telephone.
Keep your eye out for my review of the MySalonLooks Spa Facial… coming soon!
What is your favourite spa treatment?


Photos courtesy of Carrie:Brighton

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