The Week that was: Instagrammed #9

nerdy / tuck shop / blogger by day dinner lady by night
Carrie and a naked gingerbread man / award winning decorations / body shop goody bag 
My week started off pretty dull to be honest, the weather hasn’t been great so there is not much to say about the first part of the week. I’ve been busy taking part in the #blogvember and #BEDN challenge as well as making stock for my Etsy Store. The fun really started on Thursday when myself and a couple of other lovely blogger ladies travelled up to London to the Blogger Body Shop Christmas Party! I won’t say too much about it now as there is a post to come, but lets just say we all left on a massive sugar high! 
bathtime bliss
Friday night was spent hibernating. I really do feel too old to go out on a school night and after all that sugar and prosecco I didn’t sleep a wink. I stayed in and had a pampering session with all my new products I’ve received this month. I sat in the bath and pondered how far I’ve come blogging and how every day it surprises me. Nearly all the products here were samples/gifted and I’m not saying that in a boastful way, I feel truly overwhelmed by what blogging has brought me and blessed everyday for these experiences. 
Friday’s blog post: Milla Grace
early birthday present / cake and mulled wine / crochet mug cosies
Saturday was a grey and miserable day so we stayed in and watched movies while the rain poured down outside. Vince’s Mum popped over to deliver my birthday presents, it’s not my birthday until Thursday but she insisted that I opened them there and then. She got me this awesome snuggly giraffe onesie, some money, a white chocolate and strawberry cake, box of chocolates and a bottle of mulled wine! Super generous, and lovely gifts, of course I curled up in my onesie straight away, it’s so comfy! I won’t be going shopping in it though, sorry. The rest of the afternoon was spent making more mug cosies for my Etsy store, these should be listed tomorrow with more to come soon!
Saturday’s Blog Post: Feeling Foxy! 

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