Top 5 DS games this Christmas!

Top 5 DS games 2
Having just received a new Nintendo 3DS XL for my birthday I’ve been putting together the top 5 games I think will be really popular this Christmas for the Nintendo DS. Firstly, I was in a deliberation over the 2DS and the 3DS XL consoles. The 2DS is the more affordable of the two, it plays all the latest games without the 3D effect. It also has a ‘tablet’ feel as it doesn’t fold to close.
The 3DS XL also plays all of the new games, has an enlarged screen and plays in 3D (although you can turn this off, as it’s a bit odd after a while!) it also has a sleeker, higher quality look and feel and stereo sound.
I went for the 3DS XL as for that extra bit of money I personally think it’s worth it. The 2DS is still great though, perfect for a child’s present or a cheaper way to access all the new 3DS style games.

So, onto the games… Pokemon X and Y is currently sitting at number 1 for sales across the UK as it’s the first 3DS version. I bought this as I’m a huge fan of the Pokemon range (yes I know, geek!) so watch out for a review. This game is perfect for all ages, from children to adults alike, ideal for fans of Japanese animation, adventure stories and role playing games.
Zelda Link Between Worlds comes out 22.11.2013 and I just know this is going to be huge this year! The next in the series, I know all Zelda fans have been waiting a while for this, it seems to be a remake of the old SNES game Link to the Past and will be massive. Again, suited to those who like adventure stories, puzzles and an in depth game.
Professor Layton’s newest addition, Azran Legacy is for the brain-boxes of the family, with puzzles, clues to investigate and things to collect this game keeps you hooked for hours upon end. Popular present for Mum’s and Nan’s but suitable for all the family.
Next up, Lego Marvel looks like a lot of fun, as the lego games always are. With the Marvel movies being a huge success at the moment this is bound to be popular! With all the different characters to chose and play from this game is suitable for all the family.
Lastly, Animal Crossing: New Leaf – another of my personal favourites as I have just bought this game too! A cute, addictive game that you can play for hours. You can also link up to your friends villages and visit them, I only bought this today but I am hooked already! Suitable for all the family.

Are you a gamer? Or will you be buying games for your family this Christmas? Leave your recommendations below 🙂

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