Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, another year is over! And what a time we had. It started off as a bit of a disaster, my parents having their power knocked out on Christmas eve so we had a surprise visit from them, they fought wind and rain to get to us in Brighton, along with their huge chicken they needed to cook in my oven ready to feed the grandparents the following day. As the shops were closed and we had no special foods in stock, we all headed down to a cosy pub on a backstreet that does the most amazing Thai food. It was a lovely end to a disastrous day. My parents returned home late Christmas eve to find their power back on – phew!
Christmas Day came and I was spoilt from beginning to end, with scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast, to the hugest array of food, drinks and presents I’ve ever seen. It was a lovely day had by all.
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and that you weren’t too badly affected by the awful weather and storms we had!

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