One AMAZING year on…

I can’t believe it, but turned one year old this week! It’s been an amazing journey – I can honestly say my blog has been the best hobby I’ve ever had and also my proudest achievement to date. I’m astounded as every day something happens with my blog that surprises me or makes me smile – I never know what is round the corner. I guess thats all part of the fun. I’m also lucky to say, I haven’t had any negativity either. 
I started my blog in December 2012, after a particularly rubbish year to try and record the fun, happy moments in life and create a bit more of a positive attitude. I thought I would never have any readers (well, apart from my loyal Mum) and it would just be a personal space to record my life. Turns out it would be so much more than that! My blog has just grown since day one and I’ve bounced from opportunity to opportunity, things I never expected in a million years! I’ve made some of my best friends through blogging and now play a huge part in the blogging community online too. I can’t believe it! I know it’s a little cheese, but I really do want to say a massive thank you to everyone I’ve worked with over the last year, my awesome Brighton bloggers for all the events and being so lovely – and lastly, a big thank you to everyone who has ever read and supported FizzyPeaches! 
Here are some of my best bits of blogging over the last year: 
♡ Being invited to my first ever blogger event in April. I was so terrified I nearly didn’t go, but everyone was so lovely and I’m good friends with them all now. I also met my ‘Blogging BFF’ Carrie:Brighton who I keep in touch with and see quite often for spa treatments, coffees and a good old catch up. I also got my first goody bag, and was excited to review my first PR sample from Lush – Cosmetic Catastrophe!
♡ In May I was so excited as FizzyPeaches was featured in Let’s get crafting Knitting & Crochet magazine
♡ Also in May I ran my first giveaway! 
♡ In June I started the Motivational Monday feature, and tried to add a weekly dose of positivity and happiness to my blog! 
♡ I posted happy summertime posts, like a visit to Hever Castle and Beach Dreams
♡ In July I went to the Summer Bloggers Picnic, where I met Lauren’s baby Athena for the first time and had lots of cuddles with Hannah’s baby, Busby. We discussed being broody for a long time over picnic foods and basked in the sunshine. 
♡ I posted one of my most popular posts, the pattern for a baby blanket I made for my best friend Andrea. 
♡ In August, I celebrated 200 Bloglovin followers by giving away a Sleek Make-up Palette
♡ I was poorly over the summer, but I kept busy by blogging things like homemade face mask recipes, reviews of cute tearooms and summer hair and makeup reviews. My blog really cheered me up when I was down and gave me something to focus on. 
♡ In September, I was invited to the MySalonLooks salon event and decided to transform my light blonde hair to brown to blonde ombre! I blogged my experience here.
♡ I blogged my adventures in France, and whilst I was away Carrie, Kirsty and Fifi took over my blog and guest posted for me. 
♡ In October I blogged about the Chobani Blogger Meal
♡  I also opened the FizzyPeaches Etsy Store to start selling my knitting and crochet projects.
♡  In November I took part in ‘Blogvember’ and blogged everyday. It was hard work but really rewarding to finish the month and have written 30 blog posts. It was being creative and thinking of new topics to blog all the time. 
♡ I also became a hand-model for the day (yep thats my hand)
♡ I celebrated my birthday and attended the Body Shop Christmas Party in London, and the Milla Grace Blogger event in Brighton.
♡ Finally, in December I hosted my first ever Blogger Event at Lush Brighton. It was such a fun evening, I couldn’t have hoped for better! 
What an amazing year! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it, and keep reading! I’m sure there is so much more to come 🙂

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