Sunshine Dreams

It’s cold and grey outside so I’ve decided to put together a few of my favourite moments from the summer to remember the fun memories in the glorious sunshine, reminiscing over the hot weather, great food and happy memories. 
Travelling to France, hot days out in Bordeaux. Amazing food and red wine in this beautiful city! 
Cakes and Kisses on the beach in France… 

Beautiful English countryside and Castles at the Astin Martin Owners Club event.
Vince wishes we owned an Aston Martin, this was my choice! If only we could afford it, plus the Classic Car Insurance
Rocking out to Muse at the Emirates Stadium!!
One of the best moments of the year, after being a fan for about 15 years I was on the front row, couldn’t believe it! One of the best moments of my year. 
What was your most memorable Summer moment? 
*this post is written in collaboration with Footman James*

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