Weekly Wishes #11

It’s that time of the week again, time to set my goals and wishes for the week. This week has been a busy one, but somehow I’ve managed to be quite productive too, slightly impressed with myself 😉 
Here are my goals from last week…  

Settle back into my flat, but make it personal. Nearly Done! I’ve made some changes but I’ve also been so busy with social events I’ve hardly been in the flat. It does feel more personal to me now though, so thats good, starting to feel comfortable here for the time being again. 
Start a new crochet project. Done! I’m now 4 stripes into my colourful Granny Stripe blanket. That doesn’t sound much but it’s as wide as a double bed, so each stripe takes ages! It’s fun watching it form though and will be fantastic when it’s finished. 
Treat myself! Done! This week I popped to the gorgeous Shine hair salon in Brighton and had my hair completely rejuvenated. Cut, colour and a pamper too. Feel so much better now! 

So this week I want to… 

Catch up with old friends!  I’ve booked days out and dinners with all my friends I’ve not seen in a while. I’m going to be busy every night this week but it’ll be worth it to catch up with everyone I’ve been missing recently and to be surrounded with friends every evening. Looking forward to it! 

Host a little gathering!  I’ve not hosted a party in years, so I’m hosting a small gathering at my flat, with cocktails, music and company to start of the weekend. We might hit the town and go dancing afterwards, we shall see! 

Catch up on sleep! All of this socialising is leaving me feeling burnt out and tired all the time! I’m just not used to it, so this week I’m going to try and catch up on my sleep, ready for another busy weekend! I’ll be making sure to add in some hot baths and relaxing music before bed to make each night as restful as possible.  

What are your goals this week? Join us here… 

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