Life Lately #5

Sunday morning breakfast / Brighton Blogger Brunch / Robbie dog / Selfie o’clock
Seriously freezing / Bingo Thursdays / Coco nutty iced coffee / Dog walking in the sunshine
Sun in Brighton / Bills for burgers / Me & the bestie / Sweet pup
Curly Whirly / Gig in a church / Bills Brighton / Family picnic in the car
Wowee what a week I’ve had! I’ve been such a busy bee, no wonder I’ve had no time at all to blog! My week started with a really cool gig at the Komedia in Brighton, a Welsh singer called Cate Le Bon. It was good fun, good music, but a really serious and boring audience which was a bit rubbish, too sterile for a gig – I was told to ‘shush’ by a girl next to us, at a gig can you believe it! We just burst out laughing and she swiftly moved away from us. That’ll teach her.
The working week flew by and I spent my evenings at gym classes and then on Thursday a night at the bingo! That was a real laugh although I didn’t win anything. I actually found it pretty tricky to keep up, they read the numbers way too fast, but it’s a fun evening out and cheap beer too, always a winner!
The weekends been a busy one! I’ve been dog sitting so have been on lots of walks over the countryside, which has been good as I’m still breaking in my walking boots for Peru. On Saturday I hosted a Brighton Blogger Brunch at Bills, which was lovely and great to meet a couple of new bloggers. In the evening I found myself at a gig at a church in Brighton, very bizarre venue but the acoustics were amazing! They should use churches more often as a venue for music. Becky and I went to see Beth Neilsen Chapman, who was amazing – a mix of country and acoustic pop. I’ve really enjoyed seeing some unique live music this week. Both artists were maybe not who I’d think of going to see, so it was good to try something new and discover new styles of music. I must do it more often, there is always so much on in Brighton.
Sunday was a bit of a disaster as I took Robbie (the dog) for a walk on Devils Dyke with my parents but it was so windy we couldn’t enjoy it at all. It was freezing cold and so blustery after 20 minutes we gave in and sat in the car, where we had a little family picnic and a hot chocolate. Not quite the countryside walk I had in mind, but typical of the British weather!!
All in all a good but very busy week!
How has your week been?

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