Pearly Whites…. with a black toothpaste?

I’m always looking for the newest innovation when it comes to teeth whitening, so was excited to be sent a sample of the newest addition to the Beverley Hills Formula range, Perfect White Black Toothpaste*. Yes, you heard it right, a black toothpaste that is used for whitening… 
Perfect White Black toothpaste contains activated charcoal, giving it the black colour, and it really is black as you can see below. Slightly odd when you spit out black toothpaste, but cool none the less – I’m always up for trying something different! Charcoal is an active ingredient proven to whiten teeth, help combat plaque, gum disease and bad breath. I was surprised to find even with the daunting black colour it’s just as minty fresh as ‘normal’ toothpaste and has no strange taste to it at all. 
I’ve been using Perfect White Black toothpaste everyday for over a month now and feel I’ve really seen results, my teeth are noticeably whiter and stain-free. I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed by this product and will be repurchasing as soon as my current tube runs out. 
You can buy Beverley Hills Formula Perfect White in Black at Superdrug stores across the country at a price of £4.99. Recommended! 

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