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I was always going to grow up with a deep rooted love for travel, at an early age I travelled around France in my parents old style VW campervan and never looked back. Over the years my desire for exploration grew. As soon as I was old enough my childhood dream came true and I travelled the world as cabin crew for 2 years. Since then I worked in travel for 7 years, sending people to far-flung destinations around the world and was lucky enough to visit many of them too. Tonight I’m starting up a new little feature on the blog to share my love for travel and my greatest passion and maybe, if you are lucky – I’ll throw in a few of my travel secrets too 😉

Today’s destination is one of my very favourite places in the world, and a place I could visit time and time again. Thailand is an amazing place that never ceases to amaze me. It’s chaotic, beautiful, spiritual and I think, one of the most interesting places in the world.  If you are looking to go Virgin Holidays have some great information for travellers on their site.

1. Beautiful Beaches 

Everywhere you go in Thailand, you are surrounded by beautiful beaches. The white sand and warm turquoise water is the perfect location to chill out on a hammock and soak up the sun. The waters are filled with colourful fish and coral reefs, perfect for snorkelling or learning to scuba dive. You can stay on the beaches in beautiful little huts and pass the time with a beer/cocktail in hand and fresh pineapple from a local beach vendor.

2. Amazing Food

With strong aromatic blends of spices, lemongrass, kaffir lime and ginger, Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines. Eating out is cheap too, my top recommendation is to try the local restaurants off the beaten-track. They may not look the most appealing but it’s where the locals eat and you’ll find the tastiest most authentic tastes at a snippet of the tourist price. Also try Mango Sticky Rice, a traditional Thai dessert – amazing.

3. Culture

From beautiful shimmering temples to bustling markets, there is so much to see and do. Thailand is just bursting with culture, there really isn’t a dull moment. I loved visiting the Wat Phra Yai (the Big Buddha temple, pictured above) where I was able to join the Buddhist monks lighting incense and candles in front of the largest Buddha statue I’ve ever seen.

4. Kind & Fun loving people 

One of the main things anyone will notice who has travelled to Thailand is how friendly the people are. They are one of the warmest, kindest nations and will go out of their way to welcome you and treat you like family instantly. They are also highly spiritual people with an amazing attitude to life. It’s all about sanuk, which means putting fun first – they would rather smile than ever argue or feel sad about something. They take life lightly at all times, are respectful to others and laugh often, a quality I think we could all learn something from.

Just writing this is making me wish I could go back right now! 
What do you love about Thailand? 

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