Travel Guides: The Northern Lights

So just recently I’ve been massively bitten by the travel bug and have spent many an hour daydreaming over my next destination and putting together a travel ‘wishlist’ to try and complete before I settle down. Surely, after a huge life change nows the time to do this stuff right? I’m planning on saving every penny to travel the world whilst I still can and trust me my wishlist is getting pretty extensive! So today, whilst idly pinning away on Pinterest, these beautiful pictures of the Northern Lights caught my eye, and I decided to investigate further. There are some seriously cool ways to see the Northern Lights, so I’ve put together a little list few of my favourite options and some pictures just to tease us. 
The ice hotel, Alta Igloo Hotel Sorrisniva is located in Northern Norway, and is completely formed of ice, with reindeer hides and matresses to keep warm as the temperature in the hotel is normally around -7 degrees! The hotel has an ice bar, ice bar and restaurant and even an ice chapel for the perfect winter wedding! The Northern Lights can be seen via dogsledding trip or scooter. Although this would be pretty chilly, staying in an ice hotel is a once in a lifetime experience I would love to try! 
These quaint little glass igloos in Finland are so cool! The Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is located high up above the Arctic Circle, in the north-east corner of Finnish Lapland, so you have a great chance to see the Northern Lights whilst laying in bed! The igloos are made from thermo-glass so are lovely and warm with luxury facilities – perfect for a romantic winter escape and a lot warmer too!

My last option would be on board a luxury cruise liner such as Fred Olsen Cruises from Southampton, I am dying to do their 14 night ‘In Search of the Northern Lights’ cruise as I’ve heard going by sea is the only way to take in some of the most breathtaking scenery around Norway. I have always wanted to try a cruise, I really love the fact you can take in so many different destinations all in one holiday, and seeing the Northern lights by sea would be just amazing. 
Have you seen the Northern Lights? 
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