Weekly Wishes #14

It’s been another busy week, but I’m back again and joining in with the Nectar Collective’s weekly wishes. I’ve neglected my blog a little bit this week, so this weeks plan is to get back on track with blogging, so expect a few more posts from me. Please leave your links so I can catch up on your blog too, I’ll be having a big catch-up over the week 🙂 
Right, onto the goals! Last week I challenged myself to:
Eat Healthy! I’ve done a little better with this one, by no means perfect but I’ve eaten a lot less and have been getting in lots of fresh fruit and vegetables too. 
Gym Classes! Done! Loved my gym classes this week, all booked in for next week too. I couldn’t walk for 2 days after doing Body Pump, but it’s totally worth it 😉 People in my class noticed I had lost weight so that helped even more.
Get Organised! I’ve managed to catch up, but I’m still not feeling 100% up to date with everything and I’ve got so much I need to do on my blog. I’ll carry this one over again to next week… 
And this weeks goals are: 
Crochet Commissions – This week I’ve got 3 scarves to crochet for people who have seen my Etsy store and previous scarves/cowls I’ve made and asked me to make something for them. I’m really touched as I’ve not been promoting my store much as I’ve been so busy but people are still getting in touch with commissions for my crochet work, which is really nice. Gotta put some time aside and get hooking! 

Travel plans – With around 8 weeks to go until I go to Peru I really need to start thinking about things I need to buy -such as walking boots, trekking clothes and a backpack. I also need to get in touch with my Dr’s and book an appointment to get my travel injections and dreaded Malaria tablets as we are going into the Amazon. 

Get Organised (again…!) – This one I’m carrying over from last week. I need to work really hard this week on getting my blog up to date, my crochet work done and a bit of overtime at work without getting completely disorganised again. This I’m sure will take some planning 🙂 
Here is my Insta-recap from the week: 
crochet blanket so far / tea tree range from the Body Shop / OOTD: converse & jeans
pricky pear nails by Barry M / wool arrived for my orders / dippy eggs
tired from working overtime / extra energy required / body pump 
Join in and set goals with us here:
The Nectar Collective

Have a great week! 

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