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As anyone who knows me will testify, I am a great fan of the great English tradition that is a nice cup of tea. I was therefore lucky enough to be sent three new flavours of leaf by Higher Living – Ginger Kick, Sweet Chilli and the Best of British Selection pack. Now, being a traditional tea lover, I was naturally taken by the good, old fashion Earl Grey. As most gently fragranced tea, this does not disappoint, but what really struck me was the added organic Bergamot Oil that enhanced the floral flavours and took my taste buds to another level. Ginger Kick was a flavour I was rather ambivalent about trying. Whilst I am indeed partial to the odd glass of ginger wine now and again, I was concerned that the tea version would not give the same je ne sais quoi as its alcoholic sister. The tea really does do what it says on the tin. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the initial ‘kick’ of the ginger awoke my office coffee dampened taste buds. I was concerned that the significant ginger extract would detract from the flavour of tea itself, but it’s amazingly well balanced. It was a brilliant afternoon pick me up that didn’t leave the nasty after taste I expected. I can’t, I’m afraid say the same for the Sweet Chilli Tea. My favourite chocolate is a block of dark stuffed to the brim with tiny red flecks so I was expecting this tea to be my favourite and a taste explosion on the tonsils. Be warned however, this is not for the faint of pallet. It has a bite that is reminiscent of a vindaloo from Brick Lane and a sweetness rolled into one, a taste combination that just didn’t work for me. I have no doubt that this will appeal to the die hard Chilli fanatics that roam the food festivals of Brighton, it is not one that is going to a firm fixture in this house. But try it for yourselves and let me know!

Higher Living Herbal Teas are a British company that use 100% certified organic and natural herbs, to ensure you are getting the best from each cup. They’ve been blending teas for over 45 years and inspire to create infusions to lift the mind, body and spirit with every mouthful. I really enjoyed trying the range and will be keeping an eye out for a few more of the flavours to add to my collection, especially the Sweet Chai, which sounds delicious. You can buy Higher Living teas online or at various health food stores now.

*This post contains PR samples*

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