Life Lately #6

Treats from The Body Shop / Finally catching up with my blog / Sold my lovely car
Friday night / Pink check Superdry shirt / Best Chocolate in the world
Granny Stripe blanket update, it’s growing! / Listening to the Spice girls – I’m not ashamed 
Another whirlwind of a week, I thought this would be a ‘quiet week’… however maybe not!
 Firstly, on Sunday after we all walked the dog across Devils Dyke, my Dad was taken into hospital suddenly with excruciating stomach pains. It was a shock to us all as during the day he was completely fine, we had a walk across the downs and a picnic. It’s been a tough week, he’s been really poorly and in a lot of pain, however tomorrow he has surgery to remove his gallbladder so things are looking up as hopefully this should sort the problem. Annoyingly during the week I came down with an odd virus that gave me a horrible fever, so I haven’t been able to visit him much in hospital. Going today to cheer him up before his op and maybe take him out for a little walk around the grounds. Just shows you how quickly things can change and never to take good health for granted. Been a scary time. 
I had another sad moment in the week when I sold my beautiful car Bella. She was 13 years old and I’ve been driving her for 11 years so had a lot of fond memories. Sadly, Bella only managed to value £105 at We buy any car, bless her – she’s been dented a few times, the water comes in when it rains and the stereo broke a long time ago, I don’t blame them. So I’m now car-less for the first time but should be ok as living in the city I should be fine. 
My week wasn’t all doom and gloom – Friday night we all went out on the town and had a good time and a few drinks, followed by a lovely Saturday mooching around Brighton in the sunshine. We stopped off at the Marlborough pub for burgers and chips for lunch, it was amazing! A pop-up restaurant there every Saturday, the best burgers in town, and the chips are so perfectly cooked, fried with rosemary and a touch of salt. I could eat there every week. 
Lastly, I’m finally starting to pack up my flat as moving is now only 2 weeks away. I’m trying not to be sad about it, although it feels pretty scary packing my life up into storage. I don’t officially move into my new place until May so I’ll be ‘homeless’ for about 6 weeks… when I say homeless I don’t really mean that – I have somewhere to stay but I’m finding the thought of moving twice quite unsettling as I’m a homely sort of person. I’m sure it’ll be fine though, I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of help offered by my friends, even people I’ve only known a short time have immediately taken me under their wing and offered a hand. I know I’m in safe hands and whatever happens it’ll be ok… just gotta get my butt into gear and pack now! 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a good week… Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

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