Life Lately #7

Sitting in the garden on my sofa (like you do) / Sunshine / 5 weeks! / Well deserved dinner
Packing / Totoro tshirt / Coconut Oil / NHP Beauitfying Elixir 
Shimmer Cubes / Me & Robbie selfie / English Dawn from The Body Shop / Fish & Chips!
Nakd Nibbles / Empty Flat / Last cuppa on the sofa / Soft & Shiny Hair 
The sun is shining this week and although I feel stressed out from moving I’m really trying to see the brighter side of life and think of things as a new beginning. This week I sold my sofa on Gumtree, that sofa has been with me for 5 years and is the comfiest sofa I’ve ever had but it’s time to move on. I’ve been surprised as getting rid of these things from my life is actually quite refreshing, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and makes me feel free.  Feeling ruthless about what to keep is a very liberating feeling, and thinking of a new beginning even more so. Plus selling my things has brought me some entertainment too, my sofa left on the roof of a very small van after many trails and tribulations getting it down the stairs. We then had to sit on the other part of the sofa in my front garden with the dog and a beer whilst they came back to collect it! My wardrobe was then sold to a man who took it away in a red convertible, hanging out of the back held down for dear life by his poor other half who was sandwiched into the backseat between the wardrobe doors!
Apart from packing and moving boxes I’ve been keeping busy with my blog this week. I’ve been sent lots of lovely products to review so I’ve been pampering myself with beautiful hair treats, perfumes and body lotions, which has really helped to balance my stress levels too. I’m about to be without WiFi but hope I can keep my blog up, as it really does keep me sane and give me the creative outlet I need when times are tough. 
Today the sun is shining so I’m off for a walk & an ice cream on the seafront to soak up some rays, then a group of us are watching the Rugby at the pub. Good times.
Enjoy the sunshine and the rest of your weekend! 

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