Life Lately #8: A new chapter

Just a quick update from me this week as I have officially MOVED HOUSE! As everyone will know, moving can be one of the most stressful times possible, and I’m not going to lie, it really was. However, I was overwhelmed with amazing support and help from the lovely friends I have around me, from work colleagues and school friends to local blogging girlies, everyone pulled together to help in some way and got me through. I’m really touched by how amazing everyone has been and have discovered some true friends. So, now for the scary part – I’m living out of a suitcase for at least 6 weeks and the rest of my life is packed into boxes in storage. I’m trying to think about it in a positive way, a feeling of freedom and the start of the next chapter in life, but being a homely girl this doesn’t always come naturally to me so it’s a big change. Today I will go to my old flat and close the door on that chapter and in three weeks time we’ll be jetting off to Peru, so watch this space, as things are about to get really exciting.

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