Top 10 Beauty uses for Coconut Oil

I’m a big fan of natural products and have recently discovered an amazing must-have natural product, which is Coconut Oil. I think there are probably hundreds of different uses for this amazing little product as Coconut Oil is jam-packed with natural vitamins; it’s an antiseptic, with nourishing and healing properties too. I’ve been using coconut oil for literally everything this month, and I’m still discovering new ways to use it! Here are my top ten ways so far to use Coconut Oil so far:
1.     An eye make-up remover – a natural cleanser, warm a teaspoon of coconut oil in the palm of your hands and gently wipe over your eyes to remove all make-up and grease from the skin. The oil also helps to condition eyelashes, keeping them nourished and healthy.
2.     A hot oil hair treatment – Apply the oil to the hair, making sure to massage well into the roots and scalp right through to the ends. Wrap hair in cling film or a plastic shower cap and blow-dry on a low setting for 1 minute to seal in the heat. Wrap in a towel to keep the heat in and leave for as long as possible. I usually leave mine in for a couple of hours to get the maximum result. Wash out with shampoo and style as usual.
3.     Intensive facial moisturiser – I use Coconut oil at night to give my skin an intense boost of moisture. For such an oily product I was concerned about breaking out using this on my face, but with it’s antibacterial properties I find it doesn’t make my skin break out at all.
4.     Lip Balm – An intense moisturiser for the lips, that tastes and smells gorgeous too!
5.     Body Lotion – Can be used all over the body, a tiny amount goes a long way. Leaves skin glowing, smelling gorgeous and beautifully soft.
6.     Cheekbone highlighter – Coconut oil has natural light reflecting pigment, so use lightly over make-up across the cheekbones for a really natural looking highlighter.
7.    To shave your legs – Massage the oil into your legs for a silky smooth shave with absolutely no chemicals.
8.    Body Scrub and Lotion – Add sugar to coconut oil to create a home-made body scrub that buffs away dry skin and moisturises at the same time. Gently scrub all over for glowing, silky soft skin from top to bottom.
9.    Hand Cream – rub into the nails and hands to promote healthy strong nails and the softest skin.
10. For cooking  – not only is this amazing oil great on your hair, skin and nails but internally it works wonders too. Cooking with this amazing oil helps to boost the metabolism, aiding weight loss.  It is also a brilliant source of energy too, a teaspoon of coconut oil in coffee or with food works wonders on your energy levels too.

The product I have been using is Virgin Organic Coconut Oil by Fushi, which is pure unrefined oil which cold pressed to ensure maximum quality. You can buy this Coconut Oil online here, priced at £5.55 for 250g.

*This post contains a PR sample, however all opinions are my own*

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